Modern Pentathlete Tully Watt is embracing great learning opportunities as she takes part in the AIS Elevate Coach Program. 

Developed by the Australian Institute of Sport to build upon the successful Elevate e-Coach Program that was piloted in 2020, a tailored blend of face-to-face and online support and development opportunities is provided to Performance Pathway coaches to increase their knowledge base. 

Coming from the complex sport of Modern Pentathlon, Watt said she was looking forward to the new perspectives she will gain.

“I’m excited of the experience and opportunities of what’s to come and not totally sure of what I have got myself into, – and I think that is the beauty of the program.” Watt said. 

“The coaching cohort decided what we wanted to learn about, and every week we have really interesting and in-depth conversations about topics I hadn’t really even thought about before.”

The program will guide participants through various leaning outcomes including, self, values and coaching philosophy and Performance Pathway coaching and holistic athlete development knowledge. 

Despite only being in its second year, the program attracts some of the best and brightest in sport, giving Watt the chance to learn and mix with a wide range of individuals in the national sporting network.

“So far the biggest challenges for me is that I feel a little intimidated by the other people in the program! The calibre of the participants is incredible, and I pinch myself that I am learn with and from them” Watt said. 

“Everyone is so willing to share and so supportive which has created a great learning environment.”

While content will be focused on Performance Pathway coaching knowledge of holistic athlete development, the AIS Performance Pathways and the university partners work collaboratively with participants from the beginning of the program to ensure suitability and relevance of content to meet individual needs of the group. 

“There is a huge variety of sports represented in the program,” Watt said. 

“Everything from athletics and swimming, to sailing and winter sports, so there is a great opportunity for everyone to learn from each other and translate that into our own sports. 

“We have also been asked to do some self-reflection, to consider how we think and function and why we operate that way, which has been a really interesting process.”

The program will be delivered from July 2021 as part of the AIS Performance Pathways Elevate series by the AIS, in collaboration with La Trobe University, University of Sydney and University of Queensland.