Ahead of competition, here is everything you need to know about Modern Pentathlon!

Originally founded by Pierre De Coubertin in 1912, Modern Pentathlon is a sport designed for the perfect all-around with five sports, fencing, equestrian, swimming, running and shooting,  combined into the one event.

At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Australian athletes Ed Fernon and Marina Carrier will face a stellar international contingent on August 5 to 7, in the Men’s and Women’s individual competition. Australian fans will watch with high hopes following the success of Chloe Esposito who won Gold at the Rio Olympics in 2016.  

Sport Format:

In one day each athlete will fence every other competitor in a round-robin format, swim 200 metres in seeded heats and show jump on a horse they have only known for 20 minutes.

The final event is the combined run/shoot event. Pentathletes start on a handicap, based on scores after the previous 3 events.

They run a short distance to the firing range, shoot unlimited times within 70 seconds to hit a target five times; run 1,000m, then shoot a further five targets; run a further 1,000m and shoot another 5 targets; then run the final 1,000m to the finish line.


  • Day 13, Thursday, August 5; 2pm- 8:30pm – Fencing ranking round
  • Day 14, Friday, August 6; 3:30pm- 9:15pm – Feat. Marina Carrier
  • Day 15, Saturday, August 7; 3:30pm- 9:15pm – Feat. Ed Fernon
Image : Australian Olympic Committee

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