As you are aware, we are incredibly fortunate to have Pedro here in Australia. He is currently in hotel quarantine but very much looking forward to getting out and meeting our community and being a part of the Inaugural National Triathle and Laser Run Championships. During his time here in the same time zone, we want to make him accessible to our athletes and coaches to help, support, inform, and inspire you as much as possible. 

Thus, we will facilitate online coaching, tutorial, and information sessions between our members competing in the inaugural Triathle and Laser Run Championships and Pedro. The direction of these sessions would be entirely up to you. They could be technique focused (shooting lessons), fact-finding or gathering more training advice. They will be conducted via zoom or some other mutually agreeable video conferencing means.

The session can be done individually, or as a small group, you can decide. It is recommended to have your parents or a significant other there to hear the same messages as you and support your ongoing journey.  To register for a session, please complete the ONLINE FORM.

If you can not attend the National Championships, and you would still like the opportunity to have a training session with Pedro, please email Hannah via