I cannot emphasise enough that the time it takes to reach a ‘performance’ level happens cumulatively over months and, more importantly, years. Training for a block of time and then having an equal break does not help long term performance.

So, as we have had some downtime since the National Triathle and Laser Run Championships, it is now time to utilise our sport’s ‘off-season’ to the best of your capabilities. The offseason is a period that offers athletes a unique opportunity to rest, recuperate and improve their overall athletic ability. So now is the time to spend on developing areas that will you or your athletes the most gains come the following season. 

This is time for you to reflect on the season and assess where you want to go and what you need to work on.  This downtime allows you to learn to move properly, work on flexibility or imbalances, build necessary muscle and strength. Thus, becoming a better all-around athlete. Working on these areas will hold you in good stead when the season returns. 

The off-season is also the perfect opportunity to take a physical break and a mental one. We want to ensure you, our athletes, maintain your interest and excitement in sport and their performance. A break is incredibly important for that. 

So some Key Guidelines when approaching your training with consistency

  • Always PLAN training and advance (every session should have a purpose)
    • Don’t be afraid to try something different to keep your excitement
      • Rock climbing, 
      • Dancing
      • Another sport
      • Strength and Conditioning
  • Things that assist in maintaining training consistency.
    • Motivation
    • Training environment
    • Recovery and sleep
    • Adequate nutrition
    • Training stimulation
    • Belief system

So as you head into a block of “Off Season” training, set SMART goals (Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relatable,Time-bound), keep moving regularly and with purpose, and do what you enjoy. Of course, your focus and motivation for the sessions may change slightly (in the competition phase and out of the competition phase). Still, the importance of planning and consistency is necessary. 

Finally, check our the national calendar, as well as the calendar from your state organisation. Put those dates in your diary, so we are well prepared.