Following months of consultation with stakeholders across the country, the Australian Institute of Sport announced its position statement for national sporting organisations to assist with the on-going development and care of their athletes.

Today, Modern Pentathlon Australia (MPA) endorses and welcomes the new resources, aiming to adapt the guidelines and framework into policy and best practice around the country. 

In a sport heavily focused on individual performance across five unique disciplines, modern pentathlon relies heavily on athletes being in peak physical condition, both physically and mentally, and the new Disorder Eating resources is yet another valuable tool when ensuring athlete wellbeing. 

MPA’s Pathways and Performance Director Hannah Every-Hall said that the new resources were a fantastic and necessary step to work with athletes in a positive high-performance environment.

“These new resources will help support our athletes to be the best they can be in all facets of their athletic journey.” Every-Hall said.  

“This is an important step in addressing how all facets in the athlete’s journey can assist in their wellbeing during their athletic career and well beyond the arena, track or pool.” 

MPA will begin working with coaches, administrators and policy to implement the framework and begin education on disorder eating across the community. 

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