In August 2023, the international governing body for modern pentathlon, UIPM, and the international governing body for obstacle sports, FISO, entered into an MOU outlining the key terms under which FISO could be integrated into UIPM.  Since then, we have been advised that only one national federation will be recognised in each country for both UIPM sports and obstacle sports after integration at the international level occurs.  In countries like Australia, where separate national federations already exist, UIPM and FISO recommended that the federations determine the optimal structure going forward, with integration of one federation into the other being one option.

On 29 April 2024, Modern Pentathlon Australia (MPA) and Obstacle Australia (OA) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU), documenting our shared commitment to work towards integrating obstacle sports and pentathlon sports under a single national sporting body, consistent with the direction being taken at the international level between UIPM and FISO.  The MOU recognises our common goals of increasing the number of active participants, expanding the range and number of events, and improving governance in our respective sports.

We have set up a small, dedicated working group to help us define the optimal structure for an integrated model.  The working group comprises Maki Takken (MPA President), Nicole Nicholls (MPA Vice-President), Kitty Chiller AM (President, Modern Pentathlon Oceania), Emma Teede (OA President), Trevor Mullens (OA Vice-President (Adventure Racing)), Tania Sewell (OA Secretary) and Tamara Cox (OA Treasurer).  We will also be working closely with the Australian Sports Commission, which has supported a number of NSOs through similar integrations in the past.   

Ultimately, integration will be a decision for the members of each organisation.  We are looking forward to sharing the working group’s recommendations and obtaining member feedback over the next few months, ahead of putting the matter to a formal vote (targeted for October 2024).

Maki Takken