Following months of hard work, Modern Pentathlon Australia (MPA) is thrilled to announce that new grant funding has been secured to develop new and improved athlete pathways.

Focused heavily on developing athlete categorisation and engagement with the national federation, the grant will allow MPA to play an active role in sport development. With the on-going training, monitoring and support of athletes as well as the education of coaches, MPA aims to assist individuals to reach their full potential within each of the five disciplines whilst understanding that they are competing in the 1 sport within the high-performance environment. 

Provided and supported by the Australian Institute of Sport, the grant will see new resources, training opportunities provided directly to nationally identified athletes.

Understanding the importance of athlete training and performance, President of Modern Pentathlon Australia and Olympian Kitty Chiller said the grant was key to the on-going growth and success of Modern Pentathletes in Australia.

“This grant is an incredible opportunity for not just the National Federation but the entire community,” Ms Chiller said.  

“With the success we have already had on the international stage, it’s essential that a development and support system is in place so our athletes have the best opportunity to be identified and provided resources to achieve their goals.”

AIS CEO, Peter Conde said this investment will go a long way in supporting the outstanding talent and skill of the athletes at MPA.

“The Performance Pathways Solutions program provides grants that help identify gaps and opportunities in the development of talented Australian athletes,” Mr Conde said.

“It’s through investments like these, made in through the Federal Government’s 2019 budget initiative, that we see high-performance sport inspiring both future competitors and the community.”

Following the appointment of Olympian Hannah Every-Hall as Pathways and Performance Director and the successful grant application, initiatives are set to commence in late 2020 with Modern Pentathlon Australia hopes the program will lay the foundation for the sport well into the next Olympic cycle.

“It’s really important to everyone at MPA that we embrace every opportunity that is presented to us to measure our success and identify the talent we have across the country.” Ms Every-Hall said. 

“As a sport that is incredibly reliant on resilience, perseverance and technical skills, Modern Pentathlon is one of the most complex Olympic sports in the world. There are some amazing and specific nuances required to bring the 5 disciplines together in order to produce an high calibre Modern Pentathlete.”

“We are fortunate that we have the support from Sport Australia and the Australian Institute of Sport to work with us to build a Performance Solution system to assist our athletes for the future.”