Continuing with our ‘Meet our Members’ series, MPA is hoping to help bring the community together by highlighting some of our incredible people.

As a small business owner, Kirsten Norden has experience in many different sports, first as a gymnast and then a triathlete. After establishing her company ‘Swimnastics’, Kristen aims to teach ‘the fundamentals of dryland strength and conditioning training by teaching athletes to move functionally through a great range of movement with kinesthetic awareness’.

Originally from Melbourne and formerly a gymnastics coach and a strength and conditioning coach, Kirsten aims to use her experience in the sporting industry to help potential modern pentathletes perform at their best.

Get to know Kirsten Norden!

1.  How did you discover Modern Pentathlon?

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I (swimnastics) was asked by Hannah Every-Hall to offer online dryland training for the pathway athletes within modern pentathlon. It is very recently that I have joined and started learning about this amazing sport, the athletes are teaching me more everyday, especially about the show jumping. I was a triathlete so I understood the swimming and running components and before that a gymnast – so I guess I can relate to the falling bit, mine was just off the beam instead of a horse.

2. Best training tip or piece of advice you have received?

Be a student – learn your sport and understand your body.

3. Favourite place you’ve visited?

Overseas – Sri Lanka, In Australia – Byron Bay.

4. Favourite way to start the day?

Meditation and coffee.

5. What is your favourite food?

 Love Japanese or am I being cheeky by saying a cuisine.

6. Any hobbies outside of sport?

Reading, fashion design & styling plus I live in Melbourne where cafe sitting is considered a hobby.

7. Ideal weekend off…

Byron Bay – surfing, running trails, eating delicious food.

8. Do you have any Pets?

No but I dream of having a border collie one day! 

9. What is your Favourite Movie or song?

At the moment, Pretty Lady by Tash Saltana.

10. Random fact…

In my first ever triathlon, when I was 15, a boy fell off his bike in front of me and I kind of rode over the top of him (I was very new to the sport, strong from gymnastics but limited skills). I just jumped back on my bike (as we learn to get up quick at gym) but the chain was off and I had no idea how to put it back on so I then asked the boy I rode over to fix it for me before riding off. Yes I’m competitive and this was a race!