With our talented members spread all over the country, MPA is hoping to help bring the community together by highlighting some of our incredible people.

Starting in the Australian Capital Territory, Ashlee Uren is a lawyer by day but outside of business hours is a Masters Athlete and Modern Pentathlon enthusiast.

Originally from WA and currently volunteering as MPA’s ACT Coordinator, Ashlee is passionate about sharing modern pentathlon with any aspiring athlete. Ashlee currently trains at ANU Fencing Club, AIS Club Aquatics and Forrest Park Riding.

Get to know Ashlee Uren!

1.  How did you discover Modern Pentathlon?

I got involved in modern pentathlon in early 2017 after taking a beginner fencing course. I then heard about modern pentathlon through fencers. I had competed in eventing as a teenager but had not owned horses for years and thought modern pentathlon sounded like a great way to get back into competition for riding, without owning a horse. I contacted Kate Thompson in Melbourne and she encouraged me to come down to compete in Benalla.

2. Best training tip or piece of advice you have received?

I’ve received lots of great advice from coaches and other athletes over the years. Some highlights are: Treat every training session with the same mindset as you would a competition (riding coach), relax (swim coach), and have fun (fencing coach). Hit them with the pointy end (fencing) is also a useful thing to remember.

3. Favourite place you’ve visited?

I visited Mexico last year and had a great time. I also love our Snowy Mountains.

4. Favourite way to start the day?


5. What is your favourite food?

I love Vietnamese, but my favourite food would have to be chocolate.

6. Any hobbies outside of sport?

There’s so much clothing in the world already, so I buy nearly all my clothes second-hand. I love finding good quality and interesting pieces in op shops and online, or fixing up clothes that need a bit of love.

7. Ideal weekend off…

A weekend skiing in the snow or a weekend to the beach are equally good.

8. Do you have any Pets?

No pets, but I have a lot of plants!

9. What is your Favourite Movie or song?

I love The National and I love Taylor Swift so Taylor Swift’s new album, folklore, is my dream collaboration. The song “seven” is my current favourite.

10. Random fact…

Some people know this, but I’m pretty scared of heights, especially flying in small planes!