COVID-19 has had a significant impact on our sport. Since the national lockdown in 2020, we have continued to experience the effects of COVID through extended lockdowns in state jurisdictions, border closures, the cancellation of national and international competitions and events. The strain and the wellbeing of our entire community due to COVID has been tested. Though, as a small but robust community we have continued to keep on, keeping on.

Throughout the pandemic, Modern Pentathlon Australia has continued to take its advice and relied upon the from credible sources including the World Health Organisation, the Federal Government, Sport Australia, The Australian Institute of Sport, State and Territory Governments and public health organisations. We adhere to their advice and promote direct links to these organisations for our members.

Modern Pentathlon Australia recognises that vaccination is the best way forward for our sport, our athletes, our coaches and our volunteers, but we acknowledge that some of our members may choose not to be vaccinated, even if they are eligible.

We strongly encourage our staff and our broader community to educate themselves on the benefits and risks of vaccination and to make an informed decision.

We believe that by being vaccinated we are protecting ourselves, our family and friends and our community, so we can all get back to participating and competing in the sport we love.

This position statement is current as of 13 October 2021 and will be amended in line with government guidelines as required.

In respect to this year’s National Championships – we will be bound by the COVID-19 requirements from the ACT government and AIS requirements. These details may not be known for some time. Thus in order to be best prepared, we strongly encourage our community to be fully organised should the AIS only permit fully vaccinated personnel onsite.