Developing, Building and Improving your Shooting &Laser Run

When beginning your journey with laser running, it is paramount that in the early stages you develop your shooting and your running separately.

Shooting Set up and skill acquisition

You need to ensure your shooting accuracy is high (greater than 75%) before you contemplate combining running and shooting together.

  • To develop accuracy, athletes can begin shooting from 5m away from the target
  • The target needs to be 1.4m high – the middle of the black zone/ target
  • Once the accuracy is achieved at 5m you can then move out to 7m and then 10m.
  • The non-shooting hand cannot touch the table to become a support (see shooting fundamental 1)
  • The Pistol must touch the table in between each shot

It is also important to understand that shooting is a technical skill, it is imperative you practise the skill regularly, ‘if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it’.

MPA has developed a helpful guide for all coaches and athletes with the aim of assisting with the development of Laser Run.

You can download the flyer HERE

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