Frequently Asked Questions

Is there someone I can talk to in my local area?

Yes! Visit our contact us page to find your local contact, or you can contact us so we can connect you with a local coach with Modern Pentathlon knowledge. We would also love to work with your current coaches to help upskill them in the nuances of Modern Pentathlon, so they can continue to support you on your journey.

Do I need experience in other sports?

Modern Pentathlon welcomes athletes and participants in running, athletics, swimming, fencing, equestrian and many more! Contact us or your state body to discuss your experience.

How many events are on throughout the year?

The Modern Pentathlon season in Australia runs from around November to April, with the National Championships usually being held in March. There are also other events including training camps and smaller competitions on right throughout the year.

You shoot with lasers now. Is that right?

That’s right. In 2011 the UIPM changed the pistol to a laser rather than actual projectiles. It’s made the sport accessible to more competitors than ever before. 

Is it a very expensive sport?

Training for five sports can be expensive yes, however there are ways to make it as affordable as possible. There is no need for a pentathlete to own their own horse. Most fencing clubs provide loan equipment when starting out and Modern Pentathlon Australia loans out laser pistols and targets for 12 months to athletes beginning the sport. Running and Swimming require minimal equipment and are inexpensive sports to train for.

Do you need a horse?

While horse riding is a discipline with Modern Pentathlon you do not need to own a horse yourself and in fact you are not allowed to ride your own horse in competition. At all events, the organisers provide horses that athletes draw by lot. That is part of the sport! In fact it is better to not own your own horse but rather go to riding schools and ride as many different horses as you can.

Are there different pathways into Modern Pentathlon?
Yes! As a sport with multiple disciplines, there are many different areas and skills that can be used in Modern Pentathlon.
Is it a dangerous sport?

Safety of our competitors and officials is a our highest priority and we uphold high standards throughout all our events and training venues. Riding horses is a challenging event but with training and supervision you can quickly become proficient.

 Contacts us to ask us additional questions.