Get Involved!

Modern Pentathlon is a truly global sport that could take you from a social club environment to the Youth Olympic Games and Olympic Games. The sport allows you to challenge yourself while experiencing the exciting disciplines.

The sport isn’t just for those who want to be an elite athlete it is for everyone. There are so many ways to get involved whether you are an athlete, coach or volunteer.

You could enjoy running and swimming and want to try fencing or showjumping.

Or maybe you are a shooter who is keen to try the exciting Laser Run.

You don’t need the equipment, you just need to follow the steps below, and give it a go!

And for people looking for new ways to ‘Find Your 30’ minutes of exercise each day, then the variety of disciplines means there are so many ways to make sure you are fit.

Modern Pentathlon can take you to the Olympic Games!

Chloe Esposito was a good swimmer and runner when she was younger. And through a lot of hard work she perfected the other disciplines. She made history as the youngest Australian female modern pentathlete to compete at an Olympic selection event in 2007. The 15-year-old competed at the Oceania Championships but missed out on a spot on the 2008 Beijing Olympic Team.  Four years later she finished seventh at London 2012 and in 2016 in Rio she was crowned Olympic Champion – Australia’s first medallist in the sport.

How to get Started

Speak to someone already involved

If you want to know more about the sport and how to get involved, contact your state association if you are in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria or Western Australia. If you live outside these states then contact the Modern Pentathlon Australia office.

Australian Capital Territory – Ashlee Uren

New South Wales – Christina Jensen

Queensland – Mark Taylor

Victoria – Kate Thompson

Western Australia Charis Neumann

Modern Pentathlon Australia

Join a training squad and become a Member

With clubs throughout Australia there are plenty of options to try the sport and become a member of a state association. We’re one big family in Australia and throughout the world – we love showing new people this great sport.

Enter an event

Try Modern Pentathlon or one of the many new sports and events like Laser-Run or Biathle – which are designed to get more people like you started in Modern Pentathlon.

Why Get Involved?

It's challenging

With 5 unique disciplines to learn Modern Pentathlon is one of the most challenging sporting activities.

Meet new friends

We’re one big family. In Australia and throughout the world, people who enjoy Modern Pentathlon enjoy life!

Healthy and Fun

Being outdoors (OK indoors for fencing and swimming sometimes) is great for your health. With endurance, accuracy and mental resolve, Modern Pentathlon is the perfect challenge. Everyone should be doing at least 30 minutes of exercise a day so use Modern Pentathlon to Find Your 30.

People are at the heart of Modern Pentathlon 


In Australia and across the world in a range of disciplines there are so many opportunities to compete. Check out what’s happening in Australia and find a competition to suit you.


If you are an athlete looking for a coach please contact your state association or Modern Pentathlon Australia. The UIPM has a Coaches Certification program.


Without volunteers our sport could not exist. We value these vital people in our sport. Being a volunteer means you can also widen your social network and meet new people. 

State Associations

Modern Pentathlon has strong representation across the states and territories. Someone from your state or the national federation will be able to answer any enquiry about getting started in the sport.