There is a vast array of accommodation options in Canberra to suit all budgets. 

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Informal Modern Pentathlon Dinner Saturday Evening

An informal social dinner will be organised on the Saturday evening. Please express your interest in attending on the entry form. 

Racing uniform

All athletes are requested to wear their state, club or hub official uniform or generic attire. National uniforms should not be worn at the competition. 


Average Weather conditions in Canberra in December 26°C / 12

Organising Committee Contact Details

Event administrator: Modern Pentathlon Australia 
Hannah Every-Hall 
0418 311 367

Competition Director
Ed Egan


The ACT has recently extended its territory wide lockdown until 15th October 2021. MPA will follow state government regulations and restrictions daily and will continue to work closely with AIS personnel about any venue restriction. All participants and family members attending the event will have to adhere to ALL AIS and ACT Government regulations.   

Given the ever-present uncertainty COVID presents to planning, the MPA board will make an announcement as to whether the Nationals will proceed no later than 15th November 2021. (Remembering however that any event is still liable to cancellation the day prior/day of depending on government advice.)