Never competed in a triathlon before? Here’s everything you need to know!

Triathle made its debut on international stage at the UIPM Biathle-Triathle World Championships 2013 in Cyprus where athletes compete in a shoot-swim-run competition.

Australian athletes have the opportunity to compete in the first nationally run Triathle at our National Triathle and Laser Run Championships on May 29 & 30 2021 in Brisbane.

The Triathle will be run on UIPM Rules, with the exception that our U15s will be shooting from 7 meters.

  • The sequence of the competition in continuous UIPM Triathle is:
    • Pack Start – up to 25 m from the shooting station;
    • Shooting – 5 green lights with laser;
    • Swimming;
    • Running;
    • Finish Line
  • The competition begins with a pack start, in which all competitors line up together at the starting line. Athletes start up to 25 m from the shooting position. Athletes will start the competition with shoes on.
  • At the shooting range, athletes must complete successfully 5 hits before continuing to the next segment (the swimming). If after 50 seconds the athlete has not completed 5 hits, the athlete may continue to the swimming via the Transition Area.
  • In the Transition Area athletes must be place place their shoes in the corresponding ‘Transition Boxes’ before entering the swim.
  • Athletes then dive into the swim entry area of the pool, swim freestyle up and around the buoy before exiting the pool on the swim exit side of the pool. Athletes then put their shoes back on in the Transition Area and continue to the run leg.
  • Transitioning back on to the running leg, athletes are not allowed to throw any personal items (including goggles, water bottles and cap) away nor hand them to anyone. They must be placed in the Transition Boxes.

And then repeat, SHOOT – SWIM – RUN !

For more information, head to the UIPM Website.