Modern Pentathlon Australian partnership with Local Organising Committee (LOC) Modern Pentathlon Victoria, is hosting the Australian National Championships in Melbourne on March 27 & 28, 2021. 

The National Championships will see the riding and fencing round robin take place on day one with the fencing bonus round, swim and laser run on day two of competition. 



Timetable times subject to change pending entry numbers. The competition will be carried out according to UIPM Rules, although the events will be spread out over two days.  


  • 25m Outdoor pool
  • No diving blocks 


  • Round Robin – Saturday afternoon 8 pistes indoor 
  • External fencers will be invited and maybe in the pool, with all hits counting toward MP score.
  • There will be two pools, a senior pool and novice pool. Men and Women will be fencing against each other. 
  • Under 11 & 13 – There will be an optional ‘Novice’ fencing pool available for athletes to gain experience. The result of this discipline will NOT be counted towards their overall points score or placing.  
  • Under 17 & 15 – Athletes in this category may choose to fence for experience (in either the novice or senior pool, however the result of this discipline will NOT be counted towards their overall points score or placing.  
  • Bonus Round – Sunday morning, Senior fencing athletes only. 

Laser Run:   

  • Up to 10+2 shooting range with Hit and Miss or Precision laser targets (ALS) 
  • Running Course: Grass surface, flat


All athletes are kindly requested to wear their state, club or hub official uniform or generic attire. National uniforms should not be worn at the competition. 

Expected Weather conditions:  Average daily temperature 23C


Athletes are only allowed to participate in the National Championships if they are a State Modern Pentathlon Association member. International competitors need to confirm current National registration. 

Athletes can purchase a ‘day membership’ to compete, via the entry form.