Athlete categorisation is a national framework to identify athletes with the greatest potential to contribute to the Australia’s high-performance targets. Athlete Categorisation will be used to inform the prioritisation of support to athletes in support of these targets. 

The support provided to athletes as a result of the categorisation process enables athletes to pursue a commitment to performance excellence. Importantly to be prioritised for support, an athlete must demonstrate potential for future success – past results alone will not ensure support. 


Modern Pentathlon’s Talent Pathway approaches the talent pipeline with a broad focus to include all aspects of athlete development. The Pathway aims to ensure athletes and coaches are exposed and supported through the full continuum of development along the FTEM Talent Pathway Model. 

To support our athletes within the Pathway, we want to tailor the assistance appropriately to the athlete’s local environment. The pathway programs are delivered through multiple mechanisms that are development focused. These include collaboration and education with local coaches, and NIM’s.  The primary delivery mechanism for athletes is via coordinated collaboration, online, remote means. 

For more information, contact Kim pathways@modernpenthalon.org.au