Wondering where to start with OCR?  Looking for inspiration to pep up your training routine?  Stuck at a desk all day and wishing you could improve your strength, balance and co-ordination?

Well, wonder and look no further…the inaugural Oceania Fitness Challenge is here!


  • 10 challenges  
  • One new challenge every month
  • No or minimal equipment required


  • Measure your performance at the start of the challenge – post your opening stats to socials
  • Train consistently (3-5 times each week)
  • Measure your performance at the end of the challenge – post your closing stats to socials
  • Winners (most improved over the month) will be announced via socials


  • Open to everyone in the Oceania MP community – Australia, New Zealand and the Cook Islands!
  • Not limited to athletes…family members, friends and coaches are all welcome to join!


  • The best things in life are free 😊


  1. Single leg balance – How long can you hold it on each foot? (Too easy?  Close your eyes)

Remember to post your opening and closing stats (for each foot!) to socials to be part of the Australian team in the Oceania Challenge.

Good luck and enjoy the challenge.   I will be doing this one at my desk at work!!

Maki Takken MPA President